Invicta Sports  Registration form 

How to suscribe?

  • Complete your registration online.
  • Transfer the amount due to our account : BE88 973407672341
  • Use your name +  lessons and style(s) as free remark
  • At your first lesson, your membership card or multi-session card will be ready after filling in the registration form! 


When can you suscribe?

  • Registration is possible during the open week in September/January: after following a free trial lesson, you can register immediately afterwards.
  • You can register for the classes online at any time using the form above or by e-mail:


General conditions

  • The new season starts on September 9, 2023 and runs until June 1, 2024.
  • You can consult our prices here.
  • We work with semester subscriptions/annual subscriptions and/or multi-session cards). 
  • When a teacher is ill, a replacement is always sought. If no replacement can be provided, the lesson will be cancelled or made up. This will always be communicated by text message or e-mail.
  • Per lesson max. 30 students. If there are too few students in a course, the lesson can be adapted.
  • Subscriptions and multi-session cards are strictly personal.
  • A series of lessons can only take place when a minimum of 5 people are registered.
  • Your course must be paid for after participating in the free trial lesson, before the start of the course.
    Only those who are registered for the course and have paid for it can participate. This way we can insure you in time and we can see whether there are enough registrations for the course.
  • Courses must always be paid for a full semester or full school year.
  • For adult lessons, there are also a 10 or 20 lesson card available.
  • The registration fee for the dance classes includes a mandatory contribution for accident and civil liability insurance. This insurance is only valid during the lesson activities led by an instructor from INVICTA SPORTS. You are not insured during activities on your own initiative. You are not insured for late registrations or payments.

Discount cards

  • The card is non refundable and for personal use only
  • The card is valid during 120 days starting from the first lesson.
  • Discount cards are not for sale for childeren.
  • 10 Discount card = first lesson for free + 10 lessons


  • Abonnements are non refundable and for personal use only.
  • Only for sale for : junior kickboxing and multisports

Swimming courses

  • Sold in packages of 10, 15 or 20 lessons.
  • The entrance fee of the pool is not included in the price.