Ladies kickboxing grouplessons/ 15+

Personal training at home or on location. Workouts adapted to your lifestyle and perfectly tailored to your ultimate goal.

Due to the coach's rich experience, the workouts can include elements of martial arts, fitness, running training, dance, and even swimming.

Absolute guarantee of more energy, motivation and better quality of movement. The coach motivates you and is always there for you!

Small group training.

Do you prefer to train in small groups of maximum 4 people? That's possible! The training is still tailor-made for each participant at home or on location. Training together is relaxing and fun at the same time! The prices are also cheaper.

Kids Kickboxing +5

Children are equipped with invaluable skills that stay with them forever by starting training young. From increased respect and self-discipline to improved confidence, fitness, and team skills, martial arts such as kickboxing can shape a child’s character and help them take life in their stride.

Individual private Boxing Training

Private training focuses on the different boxing techniques from boxing and kickboxing.