Individual personal training


Personal training at home or on location. Through the trainer's rich experience, the training contains martial arts, fitness, high-intensity exercise, cross-fit, dance, and even swimming. Training will be adjusted to your lifestyle, interests, and personal goals.

An absolute guarantee to gain more energy, motivation and quality of life. Our coach is famous for motivating his clients and sticking by their side.

Trainings by international fitness coach are adjusted to your lifestyle and personal goals. The highly experienced coach brings elements of martial arts, fitness, running, cross-fit and even swimming and dance. Absolutely garanteed to feel more energetic, motivated and have a better quality of life. Small group training is also possible.


Small group training.

Do you prefer training in small groups of a maximum of four people? Training together is relaxing and fun at the same time! Check our discounted prices to find out more! The training will be adjusted to every group member and happen at home or on location.