Who is the man behind Invita Sports?

Meet Ariel, a multitalented superman.

With 20 years of experience, he lives and breathes sports, fitness, and an active lifestyle. After an international career in International school teaching, basketball coaching, sports management, martial arts, swimming instruction, personal training, and professional dancing, he built INVICTA in Ghent in 2020. Ariel is also a trained nurse.

His biggest passion and strength is motivating others to adopt an active and healthy lifestyle. His motto is` Attack the pain!`. Through his varied background, he`s able to create a unique sports program for young and old, adapted to your interests and abilities.

All the training, sports camps, event, and workshops are a mix of fun, technique, and resilience. 

We are proud to partner up with INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL GHENT and INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL BRUSSELS for our sports activities and events.