Ladies kickboxing groepslessen/ 15+

Boxing is good for the mind and body and improves mental resilience, physical strength, and self-confidence. This boxing workout combines basic boxing techniques with workout techniques and some good beats. These ladies-only workouts focus on building self-confidence and power and creating new friendships. 


Wednesdays 19u-20u in International School Ghent.

Fridays 19u-20u in International School Ghent.


Kids Kickboxing +5

Children are equipped with invaluable skills that stay with them forever by starting training young. From increased respect and self-discipline to improved confidence, fitness, and team skills, martial arts such as kickboxing can shape a child’s character and help them take life in their stride.


Saturdays 11u-12u in International School Ghent

Individual private Boxing Training

Private training focuses on the different boxing techniques from boxing and kickboxing.